Demander Privacy Policy.

Demander Inc is a social company, and we take the privacy of your data very seriously: when you use our services, you (the user) share some information with us. We want to be upfront about the information we collect and how we use it. Thanks is due to Snapchat for inspiring us with their privacy policy, we think they did a great job and used it as a model for our approach too.

Demand doesn’t show ads, and doesn’t sell your data to advertisers. Primarily there are two types of data tracked when you are using Demander: (1) data related to your device and account, and (2) content you create when using the app itself.

Type 1: Account and device data

When you use Demander, we collect information that you choose to share with us, such as account username, password, and phone number data. To make it easier for others to find you, you may be asked to provide us with some additional information that will be publicly visible on Demander, such as profile pictures, a name, or other useful identifying information.

We collect information about your activity through our services. For example, we may collect information about when you answer Demands, and how you use the app (to aide in technical troubleshooting and design products that are easier for you to use).

We also collect information about your physical devices hardware and software to let us better serve you. This sort of information includes the hardware model, operating system version, device memory, unique application identifiers, language, battery level, and time zone, wireless and mobile network connections, service provider, and signal strength.

There is additional information from device sensor used, such as accelerometers and gyroscopes. We hope to add addiction product functionality in the future, specifically to start doing some fun things related to your devices physical location, at this time Demander is not tracking any location related data.

Device Phonebook: Because Demander is a social app that is best when connected with friends, we may—with your explicit permission—collect information from your device’s phonebook.

Type 2: Content creation

The content you create on Demander is primarily photographs that you take, as such by US law you retain copyright to the images you take. We use those images and associated metadata to show your followers your content, and store information including the original photograph, variously reduced-size copies, and metadata (such as when the photo was taken, the camera settings used to take the photo, and how quickly you reacted to when the demand was delivered). Gotta get those points!

We take privacy seriously, but general rules of internet behavor applies: don’t take photos or share any content that you wouldn’t want someone else to have. As you would suspect, any information you share with Demander support (or communicate via any channel, like a bug report or a social media comment) we will collect.

It probably goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: When you contact customer support or communicate with us in any other way, we’ll collect whatever information you volunteer.

Social networks are best when they are social. We may collect information that other users provide about you when they use our services. For example, if another user allows us to collect information from their device phonebook—and you’re one of that user’s contacts—we may combine the information we collect from that user’s phonebook with other information we have collected about you.

Demander is not intended for anyone under 13. And that’s why we do not knowingly collect personal information from anyone under 13. Also if you’re a user in the European Union, then you should be aware that Demander Inc. is the controller of your personal information.


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